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We are a Bible-based church serving Christ and the community while worshiping in historic and beautiful surroundings.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) traces its roots to an early 19th Century American movement for unity and simplicity in faith.  Central Christian Church was formed in 1892 and the sanctuary building has stood on this corner for 130 years.


We seek to unite all Christians in love and service to Christ.  Central accepts members of one's confession of trusting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and indicating intent to serve Christ in the life of the congregation.  We value freedom in interpreting the scriptures and seeking the will of God in our lives.  We celebrate the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion every Sunday and invite all Christians to the Table.  Elders and Deacons serve at the communion table and share in other parts of the worship service and church governance. 


The symbol (St. Andrews cross on a red chalice) of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is on congregational, regional, and general expressions of the church.  Local congregations, including our own, select their own ministers and staff and manage their property, finances, and programs.  We maintain congregational autonomy.  We link with other Disciples of Christ congregations through local Area and General assemblies where we discuss matters of concern to the life and work of the whole church.

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